Paula Holtz: The Rooted

In my project I investigate the close attachment that young people from Princeville (Québec, Canada) have to their remote home town which can, at first sight, appear somewhat bleak.

Photo by The owner

Princeville is situated in the countryside between the towns of Québec and Montréal in the eastern part of the province, and has approximately 5,700 inhabitants. The living conditions in the region play a huge part in the special affinity the inhabitants have with their town: there are lots of jobs, sufficient housing, educational institutions and recreational activities. People seem to have a real sense of well being when it comes to their surroundings, the countryside and their fellow inhabitants. The province of Québec, along with the French language and culture, was constantly contested during its history in North America. Even today the Province maintains a special status in Canada and its inhabitants have a deep sense of national pride.

The representation of traditional and modern appears again and again in my work. As if standing before a backdrop where time has stood still the young people, who appear modern and globalised, are in stark contrast to their surroundings, to scenes of an ideal world where tradition is still evident.

Size: 23 x 29 cm
68 pages
Circulation: 50 copies (numbered and signed)
Digital print
Thread stitched

25,00 Euro

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