Über Geld spricht man nicht, sagt der Volksmund. Merkwürdige Gepflogenheit, dachten Julia Boek und Axel Völcker als sie gemeinsam mit der [...]

The 4th issue of TISSUE Magazine features contributions from OLIVIER ZAHM, MARTIN EDER, AYZIT BOSTAN, ADRIAN CRISPIN, MAXIME BALLESTEROS, HART + [...]

The very new dienacht issue arrived, featuring, among others Asger Carlsen's "Wrong" series (also the cover story), and more photography by Chinese [...]

Dear all, "dienacht" #1 was first published about 6 years ago; 13 regular issues and 3 special issue have been published, and I still enjoy a lot [...]

Das HANT - Magazin richtet sich ein ein junges, Fotografie- & Kunstinteressiertes Publikum. Mit dem Magazin wollen wir eine Plattform für die [...]

Dear all, the brand new issue of dienacht is now available! It showcases on 128 pages fantastic Photography by Chad Moore, Ingar Krauss, Daisuke [...]

Artists: ARSO (SLO), Jošt Bukovec (SLO), Aljaž Celarc (SLO), Klemen Ilovar(SLO), Milan Katić (SRB), Matevž Kosterov (SLO), Ginevra Shay (USA), [...]

Die Erstausgabe des Magazins für Fotografie und Literatur. In dieser Ausgabe wurde von Mieke Müller die Serie „Albanien“ (2011) [...]

(5 different Covers – same content!) From amongst all the works of young photographers from the Polish National Film School in Lodz [...]

dienacht #12 – druckfrisch! Aus dem Inhalt: Fotografie von Alisa Resnik, Justin Maxon, Leon Kirchlechner, Laura Morche, Denis Dailleux, Marco [...]

46 illustration students at the HAW Hamburg in one magazine. Each one has one or two double pages at his disposal to present himself with anything [...]

Basically all printed magazines and books are products against the vanishing of works – meant is draining away on hard disks. Only some [...]